"The library, and step on it."

“I am not what you see and hear.

“I want to tell you,' the voice on the phone said. 'My head is filled with things to say.'


'I don't mind,' Hal said softly. 'I could wait forever.'

'That's what you think,' the voice said. The connection was cut.”


    An Evening with Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer - April 6, 2013, Bard College, Sosnoff Theatre


    Makin Whoopie (Neil & Amanda)

    Down to a Sunless Sea (Neil)

    In My Mind (Amanda)

    Dear Old House (Amanda)

    Ampersand (Amanda)

    Psycho (Neil and Amanda)

    October Tale (Neil)

    July Tale (Neil)

    Ask Neil & Amanda!

    I Google You (Neil & Amanda)

    Jump (Neil & Amanda)

    The Killing Type (Amanda)

    The Bed Song (Amanda)

    The Man Who Forgot Ray Bradbury (Neil)

    Amanda’s new song, tentatively titled either "The Thing About Things", “The Sweater Song”, “The Swimsuit Song” or some postmodern changing title that is different every time it is performed according to which loaned item is named in the song that evening

    Cover of ACLU Benefit’s “I Love You So Much” (Amanda/audience)

    The Day the Saucers Came (Neil)

    The Amanda Poem (Neil)

    The Problem with Saints (Neil & Amanda)

    Ukelele Anthem (Amanda)

    Grooveshark playlist of most of the songs, minus the ones linked above.

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